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What is Gray Hat SEO? How to do Gray Hat SEO?

All of you are welcome in this new post of ours. In today's post, what is the Gray Hat SEO? Will know about it.

If you guys must have followed this blog of our knowledge house, then what is White Hat SEO? in the blog before that? And what was the talk about What is Black Hat SEO?

By which you know what is White Hat SEO? And what is Black Hat SEO? It will be easy to know about.

What is Gray Hat SEO?

Whenever you try to rank your blog on the search engine, then using this Gray Hat SEO, you can rank your blog on the search engine as soon as possible.

While using Gray Hat SEO you have to do SEO in your blog/page by keeping your awareness very much. If you make a slight mistake in this, then you can also remove your blog from the search engine.

Importance of Gray Hat SEO

If you understand Gray Hat SEO in the right way, then the Gray Hat SEO technique is very important for your blog.

When you use both black and white SEO in the right way, then you will be able to rank on the search engine very soon in the right way.

Lots of SEO people who neither do White Hat SEO nor use Black Hat SEO, they get your blog ranked on search engines very soon by using Gray Hat SEO.

And if you do not have a society about Gray Hat SEO, then you should stay away from this SEO technique. If you make a slight mistake in doing SEO, then the chances of your site becoming a search engine blog are high.

You should try and apply White Hat SEO in your blog as much as possible. Because it does not have any kind of danger in your site.

Gray Hat SEO Technique?

Now you know about the technique of Gray Hat SEO so that it can be easy for you to know about Gray Hat SEO.

  • Cloaking
  • Purchasing old domains
  • Duplicate content
  • Link buying
  • Social media automation and purchasing followers

These were the techniques of Gray Hat SEO by which you can know that after all this Gray Hat SEO technique

How to do Gray Hat SEO?

Now that you have come to know about the technique of Gray Hat SEO, then now you know that How to do Gray Hat SEO? So that you can avoid applying it in your blog.

How to do Gray Hat SEO? To know this, you need to know well about the Gray Hat SEO technique.

You can use Gray Hat SEO only by using the above technique.

So come let's know about those techniques in detail.


Cloaking is such a technique in which the search engine will see something else and will give you what you can see.

When someone spams a website, those people use this Black Hat SEO cloaking technique to avoid the search engine bot.

Purchasing old domains

There are many people who will soon rank your blog in the search engine and buy the old domain for free without any hard work.

Due to which those people do not need to work hard for backlinks on that particular domain. Because someone else already maintains a backlink on that domain.

Those people only buy that domain as soon as it expires.

There is a domain on the internet for the same reason, knowing that you can buy any domain, you can join it with your blog.

 Duplicate content

Duplicate content also comes under the purview of a kind of Gray Hat SEO.

In this, people publish your blog by copying the article that has been liked by someone else's hard work. By doing this, if that person comes to know about that person and they complain about this duplicate content, then it can also be removed from the search engine of your blog.

That's why you should never have to publish duplicate content in your blog.

And there are many people who copy someone else's content, then rewrite it and publish it in your blog.

It is also wrong to do so.

Link buying

Link buying is also a part of the Gray Hat SEO type.

In this, people buy links from any third-party website for more traffic lanes in your blog or to earn more revenue.

If you do this more, then your blog may also be blocked from the search engine. That is why while buying the link, buy the link only by keeping it in mind.

 Social media automation and purchasing followers

People, you have more followers on the site and you have bought followers on social media sites to get more traffic on the site

So that those people can send traffic to your blog from social media third-party.

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