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What is Black Hat SEO? and its Techniques

In today's article we will know what is Black Hat SEO and how Black Hat SEO techniques work. Which is very important for a new blogger to know. After reading this article all your doubts will be cleared that what exactly is Black Hat SEO.

Today everyone is in the field of blogging and they should be aware of both the words that what is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO because we know how important SEO is for blogs.

What is Black Hat SEO?

As you must know how important SEO is for any website because without SEO your site will never rank in Google.

So if your website has good SEO then you can generate good traffic on your website. To learn more about SEO, you can visit our What is SEO? You can know better by reading the article.

SEO is a technique using which you can bring volume and quality traffic to your website, but many bloggers want to make their blog popular quickly, then they want to bring traffic immediately.

In such a situation, he keeps searching for such tricks so that he can increase the ranking of his blog or website. That's why they see only black hat SEO again. Because doing black hat SEO gives instant results on your website.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is a technique in which the rules and guidelines of search engines are ignored to bring high traffic to your website. Where does negative SEO also go in Black Hat SEO?

By doing Black Hat SEO, Google can also impose a penalty on your site and can also lower the ranking of the site.

Black Hat SEO is used only to bring your website to the top in a short time. Whether a website's domain is blacklisted or not can be found out from this website - MX Toolbox tool.

How black hat SEO can be avoided, what are its techniques, you will get to know about it in full detail below.

Let me try to explain Black Hat SEO to you with an example.

  • Suppose a movie is about to release and it takes very less time to bring it to the top of the search engine, for this the need to SEO is not read. Black Hat SEO is used in this type of process.

You have to keep one thing in mind that Google search engine keeps changing its algorithm so that the user can get the best result.

 Examples are Google Panda and Google Penguin. After this, the biggest sites were fined. who did not follow its rules. And those websites had a loss in ranking and value.

Black Hat SEO can bring traffic to your website for some time, now I am going to tell you some such methods or techniques using which you can do Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

  • Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the repeated use of keywords in a post without any need. So that post can be ranked in search engines.

This mistake is mostly made by new bloggers who are not fully aware about it. By doing this, the audience does not like to read the post because it is also wrong to use the same keyword more without reason.

So write only quality content in your website or blog and avoid keyword stuffing because Google has become very strict in this matter, it can also penalize your website. Always keep the keyword density in your blog 1.5% - 2%.

Keyword stuffing also comes under the category of Black Hat SEO Techniques.

You can also read this article what is keyword?

  • Cloaking

Cloaking is a technique in which the content shown to the user is completely different from that shown by the crawlers of the search engines.

Some bloggers make 2 versions of the same page for search engine and audience and when search engine crawls those pages then satisfy the page but the result is different for the visitor. This is called cloaking. Cloaking also comes under the category of Black Hat SEO Techniques.

If Google detects that the site is cloaking, it can also ban your site permanently. Because it is against the rules and guidelines of Google.

If you still want to know how Google sees your website, you can use Google's URL inspection tool. And you can compare what the user is seeing.

  • Doorway Pages

Doorway Pages are called those pages in which the content is less and the use of keyword stuffing is very high. So where do these poor-quality pages go page by page.

There are fake pages that are made keeping in mind the search engine spiders, in which the ranking of the website can be increased. And viewers can't see these pages.

  • Mirror Sites

Within such sites, the user creates more than one site and adds the same type of content to it. This allows Google to easily find and penalize your duplicate content. This is also one of the Black Hat SEO Techniques.

By doing this the ranking of all your sites goes down but this is done so that they can get backlinks.

Example: - Blogger is a free platform and people make many websites on it and share the same content on all. And all the website links are linked together.

  • Meta Keyword Stuffing

Meta keywords are short description words that have to tell the audience what the article is written about. But now these meta keywords are also being misused and such keywords are used again and again which have nothing to do with the article, all this is done to increase the ranking.

If we use the keywords repeatedly in the meta description, it is called Meta Tag Stuffing. Meta tag stuffing is also a part of Black Hat SEO Techniques.

But now Google does not give any value to meta keywords but other search engines like Bing and Yahoo still give value to meta keywords.

  • Link farm

A link farm is a collection of websites that link to each other. It enhances inbound links. Which increases the ranking. But doing this is not right from the point of view of google, it can lead to penalty on your website.

Earlier the link farm was used a lot because then page rank mattered but over time Google's algorithm has also changed. And now Google easily detects the link form. So you should avoid using them.

  • Link Exchange

Link Exchange is the easiest way to increase traffic and improve ranking. But this method works for some time but not later. If you add bad links or unrelated links, they affect the ranking of your website.

Link Exchange also comes under the category of Black Hat SEO Techniques.

  • Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic process also comes under the category of Black Hat SEO because when you buy traffic from an unknown website, the bounce rate of your website increases. This means that people are coming to your website but leaving the home page.

This process is very easy but it is not as per the guidelines of Google. But not all websites are like social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.).

In today's internet world, there are many such software and websites that provide unlimited traffic, some software is also free. With which you can generate free traffic for your website like Hitmap.

Adding a website to this will bring traffic to your website, but it is wrong for Google to do so. This also blocks the Adsense Account.

Bringing Paid Traffic to your website is also a part of the category of Black Hat SEO Techniques.

  • Invisible Text

The invisible text means to write white text. This text is never visible to the visitor, but it can be easily seen and indexed by search engine crawlers.

Earlier people used this technique in their website so that they could increase the ranking of the website. But now search engines have also become smart. This also comes under the category of Black Hat SEO Techniques.

  • Over Optimizing Alt Tag

Search engines can never read the image, they understand the image with the help of alt tag what the image is about.

If you use more than one keyword on the image in your article, then where will it go over-optimizing. And it will come under the category of Black Hat SEO Techniques.

So use Alt Description properly for your image.

  • Spam Comments

Comments help to build backlinks, but many bloggers use it to create backlinks in a spammy way. This technique is one of the most black hat SEO techniques in today's time.

You must have seen a lot of spam comments, that's why most of the blogs now use the nofollow tag for the comment link. And Google also doesn't follow comment links, doesn't pass link juice.

If your website contains spam comments, you should remove it from your website. And that's why WordPress has many plugins that can remove spam comments automatically. 

For backlinks, comment only on those sites which have a good DA (Domain Authority) rank. You can use this site to check DA or PA.

  • Article Spinning

Rewriting any content is considered article spinning.

It is similar to copying in a way. Many users think very smartly and they spin the article using article spinner software. Whatever popular posts are there, they create new content with the help of article spinning.

But this content is not completely 100% unique. You can see in the image below that there is original content in one side and spin it in the other side and have created new content which is completely different and the visitor will never have such content.

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