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What is Keyword? and why it is important for SEO?

What is Keywords

Keywords or SEO Keywords are said to be such words or phrases that are present in the content of your blog or website, while only with the help of them the search engine can reach your site. That is, it is able to display your content in its search results.

Here we will talk about what is Keyword and whether it is necessary for SEO or not. How many types of keywords are there? If you have reached here in this article while searching for this question, then you have come to the right place. Do you know that the answer is hidden in your question itself? And you must have heard this word many times "keyword". You must have told a lot of bloggers about this.

 What is Keyword

What is Keywords
If you are a beginner then there will be questions from your mind and a lot, there is nothing to panic. You will learn everything, by the end of this article. But if you already do blogging then you must have read about keywords somewhere. Keywords are very important to increase the traffic of your blog/website and to rank the page.

You will know that 85 to 90% of the traffic in your blog is more than 10 % of the posts you have written. This became possible with the use of those few selected keywords, perhaps I have said it right. So let's know full information about its Importance

The answer to this question starts from here. Keyword is a phrase or sentence. Which you use in the title to describe your article. Like "what is a keyword" it is a phrase, which is called a keyword in the language of blogging or SEO.

If you are a newbie in blogging or content writing then you can understand this example better. You have to type something like "What is Keywords" on Google and this is your keyword

It is a phrase or the title of the post cannot be spoken. By which you increase the traffic of your site. The topic on which you write is also a keyword. If you want to write SEO friendly article then you have to target a keyword

You can say that, you search anything in Google and you get results for all the queries, you can also call them a keyword. Now a question must have come in your mind that what is the need of Keyword in article or post. Now next we will answer this question.

why it is important for SEO?

Keywords are very important to increase On SEO Page Ranking. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) determines the position of the article in Google in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
In SEO, we target a phrase, called a "target keyword". If you are getting confused between SEO and Keyword, then understand SEO as Search Engine Optimization.

You've written a new post, but now how does Google know what topic your article is about? And it is possible that you can do this with the help of SEO and optimizing the content for search engines. Due to which you get many benefits such as the traffic of your site will increase.

On searching your article, it will come to the first page of google. It will have more and more visitors. The ranking of the site will increase. To write SEO Friendly Article, you have to use Keyword.
Now let's talk a little inside. To make your blog post or page SEO friendly, we have the option to define these keywords in one place and the same place is the meta description. But as far as I know, Google is detecting keywords automatically after algorithm changes.

Meta keywords can be something like, if we talk about this article, then “What is Keyword”, “SEO Tips”. Now if someone searches for SEO tips then he will reach this page. Which is wrong, because SEO tips are not here in this page.

The user will walk back from this page and this will increase the bounce rate of the site. Now there will be another question in your mind that how many times these keywords should be repeated in the whole post or what should be the density of these keywords. You will know about it in the end.

Another question will come in your mind that what is this page ranking and who is doing this ranking. So firstly neither a person does ranking nor does anyone employ Google. This is all done by a machine, which you can also call an algorithm. Algorithm is a step by step process. Have decision making ability.

Ranking means the page rank where your post is appearing in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). If you want, you can check which keywords you have ranked in your site by entering the name of your website in SEMrush site.

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