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What is White Hate SEO? and its Techniques

In today's post, we will talk about What is White Hat SEO and why is it important for a website? If you are a new blogger or have little knowledge of running a blog, then you must be aware of white hat SEO techniques. That's how important white hat SEO is for our website or blog.

White hat SEO for our website which we use the right technology. And Black Hat SEO which we use the wrong technology for the website.

What is White Hat SEO

Those who are new now might not know about these two. Both of these are the techniques of SEO which we use for our website traffic. But in today's post, we will learn about white hat SEO.

From the SEO point of view, white hat SEO is a very good technique for our website, using this technique you can bring good traffic to your website.

White Hat SEO targets the users and gives accurate information to the logo. It follows all the guidelines of SEO and also ensures that the indexing done by the search engines that the user can read those articles.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is one such route by which you can become a successful blogger. If you SEO the post according to the rules of Google or all other search engines.

Types of SEO Techniques

  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO

White Hat SEO Techniques 

The methods we use to make our website search engine friendly are also called white hat SEO techniques. And it helps us to use wrong methods.

1. Website Speed

A website that opens quickly gets a lot of advantage in search engines. And their ranking also increases.

2. Quality Content

Content is the most important thing in SEO technology. The better the content of your post, the more it will be beneficial for the ranking of search engines because you must have heard that content is king. If you write good quality content then the chances of your article getting ranked increase even more.

What is Off Page SEO? How to rank website?

What is On Page SEO? How to increase traffic for website?

3. Title and Meta Description and Keywords

Always use to correct title and metadata for your posts. Because when we use a proper title and metadata then it comes under white hat SEO only.

And you can rank your article in search engines quickly.

You should always use main keywords in title and metadata, it is very good from an SEO point of view.

Where should the keywords be used?

  • Post Title
  • Post URL
  • Post Meta Description
  • First Paragraph of Post
  • Title Element
  • Image alt tag

4. Inbound Links and Link Building

If you get link building and backlinks for your website, then it increases the authority of your website in the search engines.

But this link is used to manufacture both Black Hat and White Hat. But if you create links in a real way, then it is White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO. For this, it is very important for you to learn backlinks, what is a backlink and why is it necessary for a website?

5. Easy Navigation

The better the structure of your website or blog, the more users will like it and it is good not only for Google but also for other search engines.

6) Keyword Density

Keyword density refers to the number of times a single keyword is repeated within a post.

Keyword density plays an important role in White Hat SEO. Whenever you write a post, always keep in mind the keyword density. White Hat SEO post turns into Black Hat SEO if you use more keyword density. If possible, use related keywords of that focus keyword. 

Note: - The Keyword Density for your post should not always be more than 2%.

You can use Yoast SEO or Rank Math SEO for keyword density. 

7) Image Optimization

Optimizing the image according to the search engine is very important. There are many factors to this.

Before uploading the image, first compress the image. The Small PNG tool can be used to compress.

It is very important to always give ALT tag whenever the image is uploaded. Because the search engine ranks by the ALT tag of the APK image itself.

Whoever uploads an image for his post should be like him. Keep this in mind.

8) Improve website speed.

Page or website speed plays an important role in White Hat SEO. The loading speed of APK website should be fast. This is an increased factor of google.

If the apk website opens in 3 seconds then it is better that it is taking more time then it is not right for you.

You can use the tools given in the niche to check the page speed of your website.

  • Google Page Speed
  • GTMetrix

9)  Make the Website Mobile Friendly

Google made an algorithm for Mobile Friendly in April 2015. The name of this algorithm is "Mobilegeddon".

According to a survey by Google, more than 60 percent of people use the Internet from mobile. and are doing.

If your website page is not mobile friendly then it is very difficult to get rank in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

You can use Google's Search Console tool to check mobile friendly.

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