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What is Email Marketing? | How to do Email Marketing?

 Hello friends, in today's article we will know What is Email Marketing? And how it works and how we can create email list. All this you are going to learn from this article because people who are blogging use email marketing a lot to grow their business.

For those who start new blogging, this post is going to be very good because to increase the speed of our business, only email marketing is such a tool by which we can grow our business fast.

Email Marketing is part of Digital Marketing. Now the question arises "What is Digital Marketing?" We have already known about this.

What is Email Marketing?

You must have seen that nowadays traditional marketing is decreasing and people are making more use of digital marketing. There are many ways to do marketing for any business on the internet like social media, video. Search Engines etc. But email marketing is one such method which is quite popular and effective.

Any company resorts to Email Marketing to stay in touch with its users or customers. 30% conversion is used as a technique like an email marketing to earn money online. 

What is Email Marketing 

Email marketing means to reach your product or service to the people through email, it is called email marketing.

See how Email Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing

Example - Suppose you have a web hosting company and you want to reach your products or offers to the customers, then first of all you have email addresses. If yes, then you can easily reach your offers to the customers through email marketing.

By doing email marketing, you also get traffic to your website and you can easily update your service and logo. Since online shopping companies also market their products – Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, etc.

If you are a blogger and you have a list of many emails (how to create email will read further) and whenever you publish a new post in your blog, you can send its link through email. This brings a lot of traffic to your blog.

There are many examples of email marketing, such as you keep getting notifications from big sites like Facebook, it is all due to email marketing.

Online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart. Even on these sites, when a user opens an account, he or she will provide you with basic information on your email as soon as the account is created. And whenever new offers come on Amazon, you keep getting notified about it. Because a growing company like Amazon has a repository of emails.

This system is similar to the regular postal system. One-to-one process is used in regular mail and the one-to-many process is done in email marketing. Most of the mails are sent inside the group to attract the audience.

  • Best Selling Affiliate Product in Email Marketing.
  • Less investment and more profit in email marketing.
  • It gives lead generation.

How to do Email Marketing work

Let us now understand how email marketing works.

  • First of all, it should be clear what is the purpose of doing email marketing, is it informational or promotional. Email marketing is mostly used for promotional purposes. Its use in blogging is only informational or promotional.
  • The biggest role of email marketing is to have email, if you do not have a list of email addresses, then how can you do email marketing. You must have a blog or website to collect emails.

As the trend of email marketing is increasing, all the email marketing tools have also come into existence. You can manage emails in a better way by using these tools.

A blogger first sends welcome message and thanks email then newsletter. Whenever you publish a new blog post, you should send its description with a link to the blog post.

Like if your user will check that email and click on that link, then your website's page view will also increase, due to which your product is also being promoted and traffic is also coming to the website. This is how email marketing works.

We do not have to do all this work, but the software that we are using automatically automates it.

How to do Email Marketing? - How to start New Blogger Email Marketing?

If you are a new blogger and you also want to get traffic for your product or blog using email marketing, then follow some steps given below-

  • Always add the widget of Email Subscription Box to your blog. Or use social media.
  • Start giving email updates to your users from the very beginning.
  • With this you will know that email marketing is working well, then you can use premium tools so that your product can be promoted in an even better way.

Advantage and Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Email Marketing You can get your product and service promoted even for a small amount of money. Some limited emails are available for free through email software.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Any new business you can promote easily.
  • With this, you can increase the traffic on your website or blog.
  • you can send updates of your product or service in seconds.
  • Through email marketing, you can talk directly to the customers and encourage them to purchase the product.
  • This is the best source to increase income and your sales can be increased.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

If there are advantages of email marketing, then there are also some disadvantages.

  • There is more problem of spamming in this. Many times the mail does not reach due to some reasons.
  • If the size of the mail has increased, then you cannot send the mail. That is why while sending, the size of the mail has to be taken care of.

How to Build Email List?

There are 2 methods to build the list of Email Marketing. Email marketing can also be done for free and it can also be done with paid method.

If you are a new blogger then use the free method first. Put an email subscribe widget on your blog or website. For WordPress Website, you can download the plugin for Email Subscription Widget from WordPress. Whenever the subscriber fills his email on this widget, he will be sent the mail and after that whenever you publish the post for your blog or website, he will get his notification.

Why should you use Email Marketing?

Email marketing should be used because today email has more than Four billion users and every day more than 306 billion emails are sent all over the world.

More than 60 Billion email accounts are operating all over the world. With this, you can get an idea of how much email has become a platform for marketing.

With just one click, mail reaches your subscribers easily. 

More than 70% of people receive their own promotional content through email. This is an open platform.

Email Marketing Tools (best tools for email marketing)

If you use the paid method, then there are many paid tools for Email Marketing, which you can use to make your emails better because the paid tools have the facility of advanced features, now I will tell you about some paid tools which you can use easily for promotion of your website or products.

Tools For Email Marketing

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